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Trough Music We Make A Change!

Africa Music School is a fully registered NGO that offers free music education to the less privileged children and youth. To those children that would love to access music education but cannot afford to pay for it, AMS is bridging the gap. It has been in existence since 2017 and using music as a tool has impacted over 400 children through it activities like music education, life skills and psycho-social support.

We as the Africa Music School (AMS) want to establish the first music university in Africa centered in East Africa Uganda. AMS reaches out all the youths, orphans, vulnerable, and less privileged to help them discover their talents and skills through Music.

We have almost 270 children and youths benefitting our programs since most of them can’t afford an education in school. We are using music as a tool to reach them, touch their hearts and soul. We give free music lessons to all people especially those less privileged in the community so that they can discover their full potentials.

Africa Music School is aiming at

  • Adding value to the lives of children from different slum communities
  • Changing and improving lives for the better.
  • Empowering less privileged children
  • Restoring the lost hope of many children

Programs include

  • Music education in:
    Brass orchestra/ classic music education
    Choral/ Singing
    Traditional music and dance
    Piano and string instruments
  • Life skill
  • Psycho-social skills
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Music for therapy
  • Community concerts
  • Workshops
  • School support and sponsorship
  • Food and welfare


See us live performing
  • July 1

    Africa Music School Recitals 2023

    Africa Music School Recitals 2023

    July 1, 2023
    Africa Music School Recitals 2023

    On the 1st/July 2023 Africa Music School is holding its annual music recitals focused on brass instruments where children shall exhibit the music skill they have attained at AMS

  • November 1

    Cevic Dinner in the Dark

    Cevic Dinner in the Dark

    November 1, 2023
    Cevic Dinner in the Dark

    In the Cevic field office Africa Music School will host a Dinner in the Dark. It will take place in November 2023, the exact date will follow.

  • November 1

    General Recitals 2023

    General Recitals 2023

    November 1, 2023
    General Recitals 2023

    In November 2023 Africa Music School is making general recitals, the exact dates will follow.

  • December 1

    End of the Year Concert

    End of the Year Concert

    December 1, 2023
    End of the Year Concert

    In December 2023 Africa Music School will host an End of the Year Concert. The exact date will follow.

How to Choose an Instrument

Musical Instrument

If you want to dip into the fascinating world of music but don`t know how to play musical instruments and are unsure where to start, you definitely need to contact us! Our experts provide professional, practical, and theoretical music instructions that will help you choose the right direction.

Do You Want To Study at Africa Music School?

At Africa Music School, we make music education accessible for students from all over the world. Our doors are open to the students of all ages and any levels of experience. Our mission is to develop individuals, inspire creative passion, and increase students' self-confidence.


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