Africa Music School has extended its music outreach in different communities.


Africa Music school is running a music education project at CEVIC school for the blind where 2 teachers go to CEVIC ad teach music to 50 children with visual impairment. Brass band, singing and dancing are the main activities at CEVIC.

With the ongoing music education at Cevic, there is great improvement in the children’s music performance as assessed; most children prefer music education among all the activities in school. The 3 days in a week are utilized well and the number of children playing the brass instruments has increased from 8 to 12 and they can now play different tunes. They are taught by teacher Ismail who is also blind and teaches the keyboard as well. During the singing activity led by teacher Denis, the choir is accompanied by the key board which is also played by the blind child.

Dancing is one activity that many thought the blind children could not do, but surprisingly the children are trained by teacher Denis different dances like the traditional dance and they are doing it well. At CEVIC school for the blind, there happened a concert named “we can do it” at Cevic where the children performed inform of entertainment, the different music skills that they had attained in the short while. The performance included brass, singing and dancing. It was a success and this was all possible with support from Music for children.


Africa Music School has extended its music outreach in different communities and Busunju is one of them. Busunju is a rural area where there a children who are talented and would love to attain music education but can’t access it.

Traditional music and dance is the main activity in this activity and is led by Teacher Kamya Twaha. He teaches traditional instruments ie adungu madinda ndingidi and panpipe, all traditional dances and folk songs. The outreached has reached 50 children who are actively involved in the music activities. Sofar, he has introduced basics of 8 dances and has fully cariographed 2 of them. And the instrumentalists can play various tunes with instruments. He comments that the children and parents are very thankful for such activities in their community.


This is also another outreach where music on the wheels reaches. Brass lessons is the main activity in this It is a slum area and hard to reach where children in this locality have that love for music but could not access it initially but thanks to AMS they are now fully attaining quality music education at no charge.

It is led by teacher Isaac and he says, the children are progressing well and get better with their instrument every lesson they can play the C scale and some tunes like Baby Jesus and According to the monitoring forms, the project started with 4 children and has now attracted more totaling to 16 children. The teacher reports that besides the 16 on the attendance there are more 5 younger ones below 5 years who also try to learn the music.


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